Resources for Parents

We understand that parents want to support their children in their development and learning.  This page includes key information on the how to support your child in different subject areas as well as links to resources to help you achieve this.

 Staying Safe Online and when using the Internet

 New technologies allow access to the internet and social media. Increasingly there is a need for parents to be aware of what their children are accessing and to be responsible for their safety on line. This link to our Safeguarding page has useful information for parents.

 Digital 5 a day

The Digital 5 A Day provides a simple framework that reflects the concerns of parents/ carers as well as children’s behaviours and needs. It can also act as a base for family agreements about internet and digital device use throughout both the holidays and term time.

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Educate Against Hate

 On this website you will find useful resources about preventing extremism and radicalisation.


Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles

To find out more about the Lifestyle Concession card, click here.