School Staff

The staff of St. Peter's come from a range of backgrounds, experience and knowledge in their respective areas, but they all share one thing... a passion for ensuring the pupils at the school receive an exceptional level of teaching, care and encouragement throughout the school.  

Teaching Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher                    Miss Samantha Price

Deputy Headteacher      Mr William Stevens                        

Early Years Leader          Mrs Melanie Yates-Boothby

Maths Leader                  Mr Daniel Ashley

SENCo                              Mrs Tamsin Corbett

Nursery Teachers                    

Miss Claire Mayne & Mrs Clare Cresswell                             

Key Stage 1 Teachers

Reception           Mrs Geraldine Hayward      Mrs Melanie Yates-Boothby      

Year 1                    Mrs Anna Brown                Miss Samantha Rawlings              

Year 2                    Miss Sarah Smith               Miss Victoria Parsons

Key Stage 2 Teachers

Year 3                    Miss Katherine Ryndycz/Mrs Heulwen Walsh     Miss Vicki Lilly /Mrs Helen Hadley

Year 4                    Miss Samantha Carnall            Mrs Kate Jackson                            

Year 5                    Mr Steven Varker                      Mr Daniel Ashley                             

Year 6                    Mr Ryan Turner                       Miss Georgia Gilbert

PPA                        Mrs Donna Reed   

Sports Coach Mr Jack Garner          

Family Liaison/Pastoral Support Officer             Mrs Helen Marsh

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Sarah Brookes          Mrs Carol Burt                  Mrs Tammy Collins         Mrs Agata Dorrington

Mr Craig Grew Mrs Nicola Evans              Mrs Susan Francis          Mrs Joanne Grimshaw

Miss Jodie Hall                Mrs Sarah Holroyd           Mrs Jenny Lilly                Mrs Joanne Nycz

Mrs Tracy Orme              Mrs Jackie Peake             Mrs Lesley Smith            Mrs Anne Taylor

Mrs Tracey Turner         Miss Carla Williams         Mrs Jackie Watkins         Mrs Amanda Williams

Welfare Support

Mrs Lisa Jones                Miss Natasha Preece      Miss Elizabeth Toye                         

Non-Teaching Staff


Bursar                                Miss Rosie Chandler                      

Clerical Assistant             Miss Bronwen Holmes

Clerical Assistant             Miss Joanne Bullock

Keystones Staff

Miss Jayne Filmer            Mrs Katie Winsper           Miss Natasha Preece      Miss Elizabeth Toye

School Site

Site Supervisor                 Mr Jez Holroyd 

Janitor                        Mr Steve Grimshaw


Catering Supervisor        Miss Louisa Milakovic                          

Mrs Dawn Harris               Mrs Sue Groom                Miss Jade Bell                    Mrs Nichola Wainwright               

Lunchtime Supervisors                                

Mrs Wendy Addison       Mrs Julie Baker                 Mrs Julie Beddows          Mrs Jacqueline Brittain 

Mrs Claire Dunning          Mrs Susan Edwards         Miss Debbie Hollings      Mrs Lisa Jones

Mrs Sandra Leadbeater Mrs Sonya Lowe               Mrs Marlene Mason       Mrs Natasha Preece

Mrs Stacey Richards        Mrs Louise Stokes

Lunchtime 121 supervisors

Mr Craig Grew                   Mrs Susan Stokes            Miss Elizabeth Toye        Mrs Jacqueline Watkins